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The next chapter…


Over the last, almost, 11 years, we have served nearly half a million customers, made as many friends, and have seen a generation grow, leave and return. Ranelagh has become our second home. From our first days with a team of four to grow to what we are now has been emotional, tough, exciting and fulfilling. We have come through a recession and are going to get through a pandemic, but not as you know us. We are changing.

Our ethos of family, sharing and gathering together, has only got stronger over these past 20 months and although we have all lost some friends and family we are still driving on and look forward every day to meeting you, our friends new and old. It is this relationship with Ranelagh, and you, that we will take into our next stage of life. A new restaurant, a new look, new food, but still the warm welcome and familiar faces, on both sides of the table. Closing the last chapter on La Bodega’s life on December 18th is both the most difficult and emotional decision we have made, however, it is also the most exciting, as what we have planned to open in late January is something very personal to us. Not straying from the real reason we do this, to bring people together over great food, occasional drinks, and great atmosphere, Babette will be our second chapter in Ranelagh, our way of continuing our life here but in a different shell.

We would be nothing without you our customers, our team and the support of our landlord. All three of you have played a big part in supporting us and helping us grow, and we hope you will all continue to be part of our story.

Although there are many we would like to thank, as our team over the 11 years has been absolutely amazing, our thanks must go to Jorge, our first Head Chef who worked tirelessly from day one and without him we would never have got to here.

Over the years we were blessed to work with Shay, Iban, Jose, Jose 2, Bruno, Andy, Luis, Noelia, Alicia, Javier, Conor, David, Olivia, Bella, Faolan, and too many others to mention. There are so many more, but in our heart will always be Emil Roca, our kitchen porter and our rock for so many years. RIP.

So for the next few weeks, please enjoy La Bodega as you always have, share your memories and photos with us, celebrate with us and have a wonderful Christmas, for a new year brings new life.

Thank you all.

Babette is cooking up a feast…





We are changing...

After almost 11 years, La Bodega’s chapter has come to a close. But do not be upset as Babette will keep the flame burning, a modern European Brasserie and cocktail bar.


And we're hiring!

Opening late January we are now hiring Chefs and Front of house, bar staff and cleaners.




From all of us in La Bodega thank you for your support, your friendship and your love.


Happy New Year to all, a New Year brings new life.