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La Bodega is in our opinion the best tapas bar in Dublin. We pride ourselves in what we do. All of our dishes are made with the finest ingredients and cooked with a drop of flair and a pinch of love. Our team of chefs and servers are passionate about Mediterranean cuisine and sharing it with all of our guests.

The best thing about tapas is that you can have a snack or a feast, and the menu is flexible enough to suit everybody. All of our dishes are prepared in house to order. Matched with a great selection of wines from our cellar all you need to bring is great company for a truly Iberian experience.

Join us in our beautiful space for a meal with friends or family, experience the cuisine of the Mediterranean without having to leave the country.

We are waiting for you…


Light Bites 

Why not start with some lights bites while you read the menu. Perfect with a glass of vino to get the appetite going!

Sourdough and homemade hummus and olive tapenade (v) – €6

Crunchy warm sourdough paired with delicious dips. Gluten-free on request.

Boquerones (c) – €6

White anchovy fillets served in our marinade.

Smoked Almonds (vc) – €5

Delicious to nibble!

Basket of Sourdough – €4

Fresh sourdough bread to nibble on while you browse the menu.

Pan de Ajo (v) – €6

Toasted bread rubbed with garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Gluten-free on request.

P amb Tomaca (v) – €6

Toasted bread with crushed ripened tomatoes and extra virigin olive oil.

Olives (vc) – €5

Marinated in Garlic fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil.

Toasted celiac bread available on request

All our sauces and dips are celiac friendly

(v) vegetarian (c) celiac

Salads & Cold Tapas

Perfect to enjoy whilst you decide what else takes your fancy, not to mention for a warm summer evening on our terrace!

Caprese (vc) – €11.50

Traditional Mediterranean salad of tomato, fresh buffalo mozzarella and basil pesto.

La Bodega Salad – €12.95

Rocket leaves with warm goats cheese, toasted nuts and crispy jamon, apple & honey mustard puree.

Pan Catalan (v) – €9.50

Toasted bread with crushed ripened tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil topped with iberico jamon

Ensalada Mixta (vc) – €11.25

Mixed leaf salad with pickled cucumber, sundried tomato, roasted peppers, crispy onion and olives, tossed in house dressing.

Manchego cheese & marinated olives (vc) – €10.50

Manchego cheese and marinated olives, served with honey .

Bruschetta (v) – €11.25

Garlic, extra virgin olive oil and basil with diced tomato on toasted bread

Pan Catalan – €9.50

Toasted bread with crushed tomato topped with Iberico Jamon.

Hot Tapas

Our traditional Tapas are freshly prepared in house by our incredible chefs to order.

Casa Chorizo €8.95

Chorizo as it should be, our homemade chorizo simply grilled served with bread, celiac bread available.

Patatas con Chorizo (c) – €8.75

Potatoes pan-fried with fresh chorizo.

Croquetas de bacon – €8.50

Hand-made creamy cheese and bacon croquettes.

Champiñones al ajillo (vc) – €8.95

Mushrooms fried in garlic oil.

Pincho de pollo (c) – €10.95

Chicken breast skewers marinated in garlic, paprika and chilli.

Pollita de Cadiz (c) – €10.95

Panfried chicken with a creamy almond and onion sauce topped with manchego cheese.

Champiñones rellenos de Pisto (vc) – €9.50

Flat cap mushroom stuffed with ratatouille, topped with cheese.

Bravas (vc) – €7.25

Crispy potato cubes served with our brava sauce and allioli.

Habas con Jamón (c) – €9.25

Pan fried broad beans with olive oil and Iberico ham.

Queso frito (v) – €9.50

Deep-Fried goat’s cheese and sundried tomatoes. Served with honey.

Chorizo del Pastor (c) – €9.50

Pan fried chorizo, chickpeas, coriander and garlic

Habas con Chorizo (c) – €9.25

Pan fried chorizo, broad beans and garlic.

Garbanzos con Morcilla (c) – €9.50

Black pudding fried with chickpeas and coriander.

Tosta de Champiñones (v) – €9.95

Creamed mushrooms on toasted country loaf.

Tortilla Española (vc) – €9.75

Filling changes daily – Ask server for details.

Alitas Adobadas (c) – €10.95

Hot and spicy chicken wings, blue cheese mayonnaise.

Pollita de Cadiz (c) – €10.95

Panfried chicken with a creamy almond and onion sauce topped with manchego cheese

Albondigas con tomate (c) – €9.95

Meatballs served in a fiery and chunky tomato sauce topped with grated manchego cheese.

Tosta de Queso de cabra (v) – €10.75

Melted goats cheese on a crouton with onion compote.

Pimentos del Padron (vc) – €8.95

Pepper roulette!! Who’s in? Pan-fried with garlic and sea salt

From the Sea

From deliciously plump prawns to succulent battered cod, we have plenty to choose from for all seafood lovers. Ask your server for daily specials.

Gambas al pil pil (c) €12.00

Pan-fried prawns with chilli and fresh garlic.

Calamares a la Romana – €10.95

Rings of Squid, floured and deep-fried, served with garlic mayonnaise and spicy brava sauce.

Buñuelos de Bacalao – €10.95

Fingers of fresh cod in batter with mint pea purée.

Gambas al ajillo (c) – €12.00

Pan-fried prawns with sliced garlic.

Gambas en Gabardina – €10.95

Battered prawns with garlic mayonnaise.

Gambas con Chorizo (c) – €11.50

Sautéed chorizo sausage served with pan-fried prawns.

Tablas – Boards to Share

Perfect for sharing with friends with a bottle of wine, while you decide which tapas take your fancy.

Plato de Jamon de Cebo – €25.00

Plate of hand-carved Iberico acorn-fed ham. Served with extra virgin olive oil and bread.

Tabla de Quesos – €23.50

Mixed cheese platter, Manchego, Goats cheese, Talleggio, Blue cheese.

Tabla de Charcuterie – €23.50

Cured meat platter, Jamon, Chorizo and Salchichón.

Manchego y Jamon de Cebo – €22.50

Plate of Manchego cheese and Iberico Jamon.

Tabla de Quesos y Charcutería – €23.50

Mixed cheese and cured meat platter.


Toasted Coeliac bread available on request.

Dessert – Postres

Because life’s too short not to enjoy a treat now and again!

Crema Catalana – €9.50

A Catalan take on Crème Brule infused with lemon and cinnamon.

Chocolate Dome – €12.50

Filled with salt caramel ice cream

Churros & Chocolate – €8.95

Spanish style doughnut with warm chocolate sauce.

Baked Figs – €12.50

Baked with honey, cinnamon and served with mascarpone… delicious!

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